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Ribeira Brava


Visiting Ribeira Brava

About 16 km from Funchal, this is one of the oldest settlements in Madeira, with the name coming from the stream that comes from the mountain. It may become furious under strong rain (brava means wild, or furious) and that happened a couple of years ago during the severe flooding.

​The small pebble beach was invaded by tons of debris, but didn’t spoil the beauty of the place.

Visiting Ribeira Brava


Beach is not the main thing in Madeira – they are few, small, and without sand.

Ribeira Brava is no exception, but is was the larger and better pebble beach that I saw in Madeira.

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May-June, when the heat comes but people don’t flock to beach… yet, is festivity time.

All pretext is good to gather people eating, drinking, dancing, and having fun. 

​The popular saints, in June, are celebrated all over the country, each village concentrated in one of the saints, to free the other to the neighborhood. Being so touristy, Madeira couldn’t be an exception, and, by the end of June the party was still on.

​We had great fun in Ribeira Brava!

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São João

I will not forget – June 23rd in Portugal is to be lived in Porto or Braga, or, in Madeira, in Ribeira Brava.

The advantage is that, in Madeira, the festivities last longer, and we could attend it on the 29th, that, in the continent is reserved to St Peter.

Somewhat confusing, but the saints are friends, they don’t mind, and the important is to party.

​Isn’t it?

Positive impression Dom Luís – Reasonable

Dom Luís
Dom Luís
Eating in Ribeira Brava

It was not easy to find a restaurant in Ribeira Brava for a quick meal. We ended in this esplanade, where, in the eve, we had a drink.

Well, it was not a quick lunch, but the food was good at a normal price

Directions: Facing the sea

Ribeira Brava 1
Ribeira Brava 1

We had nice moments in Ribeira Brava, at night, joining st John’s festivities.

So good that we went there twice.

​Of course, the nights in common days must be different but, we must search for the opportunities, and there are many saints to celebrate.


Memories of Ribeira Brava

I was curious about this city, one of the most damaged in 2010 flooding.

Workings were visible, but without any inconvenience for tourists.

​As a matter of fact, it was the place where we had more fun.

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