Ribcev Laz

Ribcev Laz


​​ Visiting Ribcev Laz

The most beautiful access to Bohinj lake is Ribcev Laz.

he village is beautiful and has the most developed commerce around the lake.

​Don’t miss the nearby villages, where the wooden house with flowers are even more beautiful.

​Lake Bohinj

Visiting Ribcev Laz
Visiting Ribcev Laz – Lake

This is a true natural wonder, with the clear waters squeezed between high mountains.

Photo lovers will have all the opportunities, no matter the hour of the day, lighting conditions or angle.

​The site is not hardly explored, and nature is respected everywhere.

​St John Baptist church

Ribcev Laz
Visiting Ribcev Laz – Church

A very old church (at least from the 15th century) stands by the lake.

It is open to the public ans shows some frescoes, that were being restored when I visited it.

​It seems that are several layers with the frescoes, so, it will be interesting to find out how will they deal with it in the final works.


Ribcev Laz
Visiting Ribcev Laz – Bridge

One of the preferred sightseeing points of lake Bohinj is the bridge of Ribcev Laz.

​In a landscape dominated by nature, this artificial element fits well, with its discreet and classical construction in stone.

​Four Hikers

Ribcev Laz

The centre of Ribcev laz is dominated by a small hilly garden with a statue on top.

it is the celebration of three locals that,led by an Austrian, were the first to climb the high peak of Triglav mountain in 1778.

Ribcev Laz

​Pod Skalco

Ribcev Laz

Not far from Ribcev Laz, bordering the lake there’s a strange rock vertically cut, that shelters a bar and picnic area.

​With a small parking, it is used to small events, sometimes with live music.

​Holy Spirit church

Ribcev Laz

Two kilometers far from Ribcev Laz there’s a church that stands isolated by the lake.

It was open, empty, and with a nice and rich decoration, including a large fresco in the outside.

Back home I read that there’s a house (I didn’t notice) up the path, where the key is kept when the church is closed​

Ribcev Laz

​Srednja Vas

Ribcev Laz

Now, follow me:

Take the road to Stara Fuzina, and keep on uphill for more 2 Km. You will not repent.

The tiny village of Srednja Vas is… delicious.

Now it’s up to you, to return, or to continue to Cesnika and Bohinjska Bistrica along a nice landscape.

​We enjoyed it!

Positive impression Residence Triglav – ​Filling the needs

Residence Triglav
Residence Triglav

We arrived late at Ribcev Laz, and I was worried, knowing that reception closed early.

Hotels in Ribcev Laz - Triglav

No problem: to be in the middle of nowhere has its advantages – they left an envelope with my name and the key in the door, and things were set in the following morning. As you may understand there’s nothing else than a room and a breakfast in the morning.

​The room was perfect, and breakfast, reasonable to a Portuguese, would disappoint English or American. Good price.

Address: Stara Fuzina road

Memories of Ribcev Laz

Waiting for the bus
Waiting for the bus
Memories of Ribcev Laz
Ribcev Laz

Waiting for the bus

A precious detail called the special attention of Fernanda in Ribcev Laz – the decoration of the bus stops.

Everywhere we are used to see cold and empty structures, but here all of them were decorated with lots of flowers.

We were driving, never used a bus, but couldn’t skip the pleasure of… waiting for the bus.

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