Ribadeo 4



Ribadeo – The lift

Ribadeo 3
Ribadeo 3

The town is in an elevated position relative to the port and marina. To overcome the unevenness, a panoramic elevator was built. The intention is good, but the result, with so much concrete, is a little disappointing, however a couple of photos could be made.

The city

Ribadeo 5

We didn’t have much time to pay attention to the city.

The objective was to have lunch, the hour was late, and the quick pass through the city revealed nothing inviting to a second look after lunch.

We kept moving, Asturias were waiting us.

Las catedrales

Catedrales 1

The coast is rough, with cold and rough waters, carving impressive shapes into the rocks. This is the most famous of the beautiful beaches in this province, however, in winter the sea forbids the access, and, in summer, it’s the man that controls accesses to protect the natural environment..

Rest2 Porta Norte

Porta Norte - Ribadeo
Typical dish

Like paella

A lunch when arriving to the beaches of Galicia demanded seafood, and this restaurant presented us a large frying pan, looking like paella, but with a different recipe.

It was good, richly served, and we didn’t complain to pay the most expensive meal of this trip. It was not exaggerated, and fair.

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