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Ramalde in Porto

Looking for a specific address in Porto, I found a quarter that was once a village out of town. It is now engulfed by the growth of the last decades.

​The funny thing is that the contrasts between past and present may be seen everywhere.

Casa de Ramalde

Ramalde in Porto

In the 18th century the famous architect Nasoni transformed a house from the 14th century, giving it a Neo Gothic style.

​Classified as a building of national interest, it is used by… the official organization that classified it – IPPAR.

Two churches

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Ramalde in Porto

The “old” church, dating from the 18th century, maybe for being considered not too functional, was replaced by a modern and more ambitious one.

​The funny, thing is that it was not exactly a replacement: there they stand side by side, to be used… I don’t know how.

Village life

Ramalde in Porto

The growth of the biggest towns, destroy the characteristics and way of life of the absorbed quarters and villages.

When the growth is quick, it is possible to have a period when old and new, stand together, until the loss of the old images, or its transformation as a cultural remain, if deserved.

​In Ramalde I saw much of the old village that my grand sons will never see.

Positive impression Pastelaria Lusitana – You will never find it

Pastelaria Lusitana
Pastelaria Lusitana

This is a restaurant where I think that you will never eat. It is located in a residential area, far from all the touristy attractions, and with no particular reason to call you there. It happened that I was in the area, needing to eat in 45 minutes, and it was… there.

​No complaints about the food, the timing was respected, and the price very cheap.

However, it will be forgotten. Soon!

Address: Ramalde