Puerto S Maria

El Puerto de Santa Maria – 2 good weeks


To see El Puerto de Santa Maria – The beaches

I had some good references of the beaches in El Puerto de Santa Maria, and decided to make it a possible destination for my vacations with family this year. I tried hard to get a place in Valdelagrana, but, with a big family, it was impossible, pushing us further to the unknown Santa Catalina beach.

It was a really good option, and the two weeks passed easily (and quickly).

The city

El Puerto de Santa Maria
El Puerto de Santa Maria

Las Redes beach

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El Puerto de Santa Maria

We booked a private villa in this beach, a little bit worried because it seemed less supported by touristic structures (it is) risking to become boring and not too practical. Wrong!

The beach does not have installed the hundreds of shadows and chairs as usual in Spain, but it had enough for our needs. Furthermore, the beach, in some hours with thousands of dwellers, never looked overcrowded.

​The sea is calm, the water never went under 23º Celsius, and it is so shallow that high tide looks as low tide, and low tide provided wide football fields or playing grounds for the small children. The residential area has quality, is absolutely calm, with public transport to the centre (or other beaches).

NOTE – The general name of the beach is Santa Catalina, acquiring specific names according to the accesses – we were in Las Redes urbanization…

Muralla beach

Puerto S Maria
El Puerto de Santa Maria

Cherry port

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El Puerto de Santa Maria - 2 good weeks

The castle

Puerto S Maria
El Puerto de Santa Maria


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Iglesia Mayor (Cathedral)

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Galeras fountain

Puerto S. Maria

Ayuntamiento viejo

Puerto S Maria
El Puerto de Santa Maria - 2 good weeks

Plaza de España

Puerto S. Maria


Puerto S Maria
El Puerto de Santa Maria - 2 good weeks


Puerto S Maria
El Puerto de Santa Maria - 2 good weeks


Puerto S. Maria

Osborn caves

Puerto S Maria
El Puerto de Santa Maria - 2 good weeks


Puerto S Maria
El Puerto de Santa Maria - 2 good weeks

Tourism office

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El Puerto de Santa Maria - 2 good weeks


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New chapel

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El Puerto de Santa Maria - 2 good weeks


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Alfonso X Cultural center

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Positive impression

I recommend Romerijo – The local Eiffel tower

Puerto S. Maria
Puerto S. Maria

In most cities there are some places impossible to skip, so promoted that everybody needs to justify the mandatory report “I was there”. In Puerto de Santa Maria, Romerijo is a big organization selling seafood, already spreading at (at least) three restaurants, where… everybody goes. We have been there.

​What can I say? Was it bad? No. Was it a great experience? No!

It was just a good lunch, with lots of seafood in a few different ways.

Imagination was not the suitable word to describe the menu, and, for our surprise, there was no dish with meat.

​So, only seafood lovers are wanted in place. The most remarkable thing was a desk where people could order the several kinds of seafood in any quantity, weighted to the dish, thus composing each one dishes to carry to the table. Maybe because of that, the service to the table was slow and confuse.

Anyway, as I like seafood, I may say that it was a good lunch, not expensive, and a good way to fulfill the order – we were there!

Address: C/ Jose Antonio Romero Zarazaga, 1

Phone: 956 542 290

Website: Romerijo

Good references Da Massimo

Eating in Puerto S. Maria

Ice cream

Located in the main commercial street (Luna) this small place sells grilled yoghurt ice cream. The grill is only a quick performance to mix the flavors with the ice cream, in front of the clients, but the smiles of those watching the work continue after tasting, because… it tastes good.

Address: Calle Luna, 22

Other contact: info@heladeriaartesanaldamassimo

Night amusements

El Puerto de Santa Maria - 2 good weeks

El Puerto de Santa Maria is essentially a destination for families, at least outside of Valdelagrana, a beach we visited only superficially.

As such, the nightlife is geared towards families, focusing mainly on the Calderon park area.

Shopping Luna street


Luna is the most commercial street in the city, and we went there often, but in most occasions betrayed by siesta.

Siesta is almost a religion in the south of Spain, and, for a Portuguese used to reserve some minutes after lunch to a quick shopping, finding everything closed is a big disappointment.

Well, I must confess that, at least for one Portuguese, it was a relief!


El Puerto de Santa Maria - 2 good weeks

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