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Puerto Banus


To see Visiting Puerto Banus

Banderas square

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Banderas square

The design and architecture of the main square is inspired by Greek architecture, with clean lines and white facades that give it a modern and elegant feel.
Due to its location and the services that surround it, it is one of the most popular spots in the city.


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P. Banus Marina


Puerto Banus 1
Puerto Banus Shopping


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P. banus tower

The old fishing port has completely disappeared under this modern, sprawling and expensive project.

A touch of apparent antiquity always looks good, and, probably for this reason, a tower apparently used to control the marina, was designed with a traditional air, and accompanied by a nice cannon.


P. banus 7
Victoria statue

“La Victoria” is a famous statue built of bronze and copper and standing on top of a 26-meter tall column of granite.

The statue is also known as “the Russian statue” by the locals because it was a gift from the Russian government to Spain in 2004.

It was created by the Georgian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli and designed by the Spanish architect Manuel de la Peña.

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