Postojna 1

Postojna cave


To see A UNESCO World Heritage is always “nothing to miss”.

Postojna was a must see in my short trip to Slovenia, and I did appreciate it.

​The caves


They are so big that only 25% is visitable, in an extension of 5 Km.

From those, 4 Km are made by train, only 1 Km walking along the deepest part of the visit-able area.

​That’s the uncommon detail, and I must confess that, having seen many caves (in Portugal, Spain, China and more) I was not impressed by their beauty.

The train speed didn’t allow a detailed appreciation, but allowed a rather incomparable experience.​

Pictures were officially forbidden, but with so many cameras flashing around who could resist? 

No one said anything, except a Spanish lady that blamed each flash near or distant until getting tired.



The most interesting point in the caves is the ride by train.

It is a narrow and light equipment,making you feel like in a natural luna park.

Your head will pass at a few centimeters from the rocks, here and there cut to allow the passage and prevent accidents.

The speed is a compromise between emotion and time to quickly appreciate some details.​

Using several segments in both ways, the different angles and the separated lines here and there, make you feel always facing something new.

​Predjama castle


I think that no one goes to Postojna without a visit to this castle.

Its most remarkable detail is its “impossible” location, in the slopes of a mountain and half hidden into a cave.

Caves keep being a relevant detail, with a network of them serving the castle.

​Part of them may be visited, but we didn’t – Postojna was waiting!

Warnings or dangers Temperature

Postojna 3
Postojna 3

It is cold inside – a constant 8º Celsius.

With great part of the visit being done in an open train, it seems even colder as you move. I was well equipped but Fernanda didn’t take me too seriously, and brought only a slight pull, to wear over a summer dress.

She would freeze to death if I didn’t take an heavy and long coat that they rent at the entrance by 3 €.

Good. I didn’t become a widower.

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