Porto district

Porto district – Best city in the north and 5 other places


To see Porto district in general

Wine and More

I don’t go often to Porto district. However, I must agree that I should, and am increasing the visits, always with a new pleasure. Porto is a wonderful city, with good views from Gaia, the real site to Porto wine, and the valley of Douro offers some of the best Portuguese landscapes.

​​Gondomar is just one more reference in the list, but recently I visited Amarante, Felgueiras and Miramar, that are being added to these pages.


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Porto District – Amarante

Close to Porto, and an almost obligatory crossing point on the way to the Port wine area, Amarante is a recommended stop to enjoy the São Gonçalo area (church and bridge). A walk through the old city is pleasant and inviting.

​Gondomar – Filigree’s capital

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Porto District – Gondomar

Dancing took me (twice) to Gondomar, with time to see the essential of the city that I didn’t have in my first professional visit.

I came with contradictory impressions, but… it there will be another visit, OK?

Porto – A mandatory visit

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Porto District – Porto

Second city of Portugal Porto is in the travelling agenda of everyone with more than four days in Portugal, or already knowing Lisbon. (I’m not concerned about those seeking only the sun – for them, Algarve and it’s done).

Traditionally a dark town in contrast with the light of Lisbon, Porto is doing a merited effort of “face washing” and the brilliant new colors emphasize the quality of its monuments and sights. However, some quarters like ramada still demand the same “cleaning”.

​Allow a minimum of two long days, one more if you want to visit port wine area.


Benfica in Ribatejo
Porto District – Gaia

​Wine, wine, wine

Gaia is not a touristy destination, but no visit to Porto would make sense without crossing the bridge.

They should call it “Gaia wine”, instead of “Port wine”. All the great producers line the river in Gaia waterfront. Which one should you choose?

​Well, they all offer from the common Port to the excellent one, so that’s up to you,and if you are extremely exquisite and want to identify the differences, no problem, two months of intensive daily tasting should be enough.

Other places


In addition to the most significant locations in the district, some others deserve mention, justifying a stop for those walking, or even a small detour. I highlight Felgueiras and Arco in the interior, and, on the coast, the beaches of Matosinhos and Vila do Conde to the north, and Miramar to the south of the Douro.

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