Portela – just 1 pleasant stop


To see Flowers and views

I must confess that I would never go to Portela by my own – it was a new name for me, meaning nothing.

Well, it was a very good surprise, with, maybe, the best views that I had in Madeira.

That’s it – you will only know the island if you explore it in detail. This Portela page is poor, but, it was a good moment.

Portela 2

Sightseeing point

I think that this is the only reason that takes people to this place – to see the views.

It’s the only one, but a strong reason, because the views on the north coast are tremendous.

​If you visit the east side of the island you must plan this point as a mandatory stop.

cimg8221 resize 2
Portela - just 1 pleasant stop

It's there Right in place 

We didn’t eat there but this restaurant is the only commercial place near the sightseeing point, which means selling drinks and snacks all day.

​Toilets… of course…

Site: Portela à vista

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