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Ponte da Barca – excellent night in the 2nd visit


Bridge of Ponte da Barca

Img 20180501 094521

The bridge has a long history, dating back to the 15th century, still keeping its medieval look. It played a crucial role in connecting the town with the neighboring areas and facilitating trade and transportation across the river.

Now it is accessible to both vehicles and pedestrians, with walkway that is a great place to take photographs and soak in the historical atmosphere.

City Hall

Img 20180430 191927
New city hall

In 1927 the county of Ponte da barca was temporarily suppressed, annexed to Arcos de Valdevez.
Recovered, it was installed in 1950 in a building recovered for this purpose, which deserved classification as a monument. The old building, a palace from the 17th century is still used by the municipality.

Old Market

Img 20180501 094630
Img 20180501 094630

The Old Market building has a rich history having been an important hub for local commerce and trade for many years.

The architecture of the typically characteristic of the region, featuring a blend of architectural styles, that reflect its history and various renovations over time. The building often showcases elements such as stone walls, arched entrances, and traditional facades.

Misericordia church and hospital

Img 20180501 094907
Img 20180501 094907

The church shows elements of Baroque, Gothic, or Renaissance architecture, depending on its construction and subsequent renovations, with a ornate facade and beautiful religious artwork.

It has a historical and cultural significance, associating religious and social history, providing charitable services to the community.

The church is still an active place of worship and may hold regular religious services or cultural events.

Main church

Img 20180501 095044
Img 20180501 095044

Also known as Igreja de São João Baptista and classified as a National Monument in 1910, it was built in the early 16th century and reformulated between 1717 and 1738.

The evidence goes to the rich altarpiece and decoration, with Baroque and Rococo elements.

Republic square

P barca 5
P barca 5

The frequent festivals and pilgrimages in the north of Portugal gave rise to a popular movement called “Rusga”, which consists of organized or spontaneous groups of people, who, singing and playing, join the festivities.
It became a tradition, a cultivated myth, and, in 2016, a monument to the Rusgas was inaugurated in this town, highlighted in the wide Praça da República.

I recommend Casa da Auleira

Casa da Auleira
Casa da Auleira

This was a last minute booking, and the trip to reach it was frightening. A very narrow, windy and dark road, always going up, always seeming more isolated and… lost.

​There was no one in place, and I had to phone to the owner, caught by surprise, and that promised to be there in minutes. He did.

Registration was quick and easy, and we were led to a good room, with new furniture, everything perfect except… wify. It is announced, there’s a leaflet with the password, but the signal was so weak that we gave up.

Auleira 1
Auleira 1

Fernanda found the mattress a lithe bit hard, ok for me, and we had a good night sleep. The bathroom is good for one, small for two at the same time, but could be used with a bit of  cooperation.

In the morning we could appreciate the beauty of the well conceived and decorated space, while waiting for the owner to prepare the good breakfast.

Auleia 2
Casa de Auleira 2

Daytime reduced the sensation of isolation and reaching the center of Ponte da Barca was only a question of a few minutes. For the price that we paid, this was a perfect solution that I have no doubt to recommend.

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