Pompeii – A Brief Visit


To see Pompeii

We were fully prepared to what we were going to see, as anybody who loves history or reads about his destinations will be.

However, seeing for ourselves is something no text or film can replace.

​And it occurred me one doubt: should they recover the beauty of the town, to show us the quality of Roman architecture and town planning, or leave it dusty and burnt to remember the tragedy?

Apollo Temple


Yes, Horácio, I also read in our guide that this was Apollo’s temple, and yes, I know that the sundial atop that Ionic column still works, but… do you mind stepping out of the picture?

Website: Pompeii



I was somewhat disappointed with the visit of the great theatre: All Pompeii references mention the good condition of the remains found during the site’s recuperation.

Having seen many Roman and Greek theatres, I was expecting something closer to its original. It is not.

​Original damaging, pieces collecting for museums, time erosion and vandalism, led it to a ruin like many other.

OK, it’s interesting, but not what I expected.

Easy crossing


There are lots of interesting details to see in Pompeii:

One of them is the ingenious solution used to cross the roads, in rainy days.

Looking at the sizes of those rocks, we have to ask:

Did the Italian drivers change their behavior later, or crashes happened at all times in those roads?

The bodies


One of the most impressive sights were the petrified bodies in exhibiting. Reading the guide, Horacio claimed that they were original. It would be too much violent so I told him they were scaled reproductions. He didn’t insist and I relaxed. But not very sure. True or imitation, the figures hit the goal – to remember the human dimension of the drama.

Address: Via Villa dei Misteri, 2, Pompei, Naples, Italy

Directions: Several locations throughout Pompeii

Website: Pompeii

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