Pocitelj – Short time in great place


To see Pocitelj

When we stopped in Pocitelj, buying babushkas in the stalls by the road, it was only a village with a mosque and a tower.

When, later on, I arrived at home and read something about it, I was terrified by the horrors it suffered during the war.

​I don’t remember any visual signs of it, a good proof of the human capacity to recover from drama.

A Muslim


“In August 1993, Croat warlord Mate Boban’s troops blew up the ancient mosque, the Turkish baths, built in 1573, and the elegant houses built by eighteenth-century Muslim notables; then they rounded up the Muslim residents and marched them off to concentration camps.”

This is what I read in Internet.

In August 2006 we made a technical stop there, bought some fruit and babushkas, and honestly, locally we had no idea of that drama.

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