Platja de Aro

Platja de Aro – just a stop


I booked a hotel in Playa de Aro by mistake: my intention was to shorten travelling distances to Rosas, with a mid way stop.

It didn’t work.

The jammed traffic in the coast, the winding and long roads, made me waist the double of the time needed to make a direct trip, and arrive at dusk.

​No problem. I didn’t know the beach, and caught an idea.


Platja de Aro
Platja de Aro

At the time we arrived there (sunset), it was almost empty, with the calm and relaxing look, common at those hours.

​During the day, with all the people I saw walking in the streets at night, transferred to the sea side, it must become another massively occupied good beach, in the warm coast of Spain.

Positive impression Platja Park – Good but distant

Hotel H Top Platja Park

It was a last minute booking, expecting a location by the sea. I was wrong, because this hotel is clearly inside town and far from the sea.

Anyway,, arriving so late as I did, and having to move the next day, the only trouble was the time spent searching for it, since, without references, we searched in the coastal side of the main road, and it was far, in the opposite side.

Website: H Top

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