To see Extremadura – “The poor relative”

The easiest to reach from Portugal, amidst the Spanish provinces, Extremadura is also one of the poorest and least touristy of all.

Badajoz was for decades, famous in Portugal for its candies, and everything else was unknown or skipped travelling further.

However, Mérida and Cáceres are very interesting cities deserving an express trip.

Trujillo, that I visited only once “centuries” ago also deserves to be visited, while Zafra, in the way to Seville, and Valência de Alcântara in a less used itinerary also justify a stop or detour.



I’ve been in Cáceres in the seventies, with a so bad experience that, for 46 years I ignored the city.

Recently, needing to pass nearby, and having read interesting comments about it, I decided to have a new approach.

Well, the new image was clearly better, and Cáceres revealed itself as a very interesting city.

I will write about it in a specific page, but… that will take some time…



Mérida is a small town near the Portuguese border, concentrating excellent signs of remote history, sharing Visigoth, Roman and Muslim monuments. 

Easy to visit in a single day, of course it may demanda longer stay for those who want a deeper study of the many important sites spreading across the city.