Visiting Salamanca

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To see Visiting Salamanca – first visit


In a beautiful quarter composed by the university’s squares, classic buildings and churches, the dominant sight belongs to the bell tower of the old cathedral.

Looking carefully, it’s easy to see in the tower the signs of Lisbon’s earthquake, that almost forced to its demolition.

Website: Cathedral

Roman Bridge


South of the city, an old bridge now closed to vehicles, it is the first sign of roman presence.

​Though having suffered a few transformations, the last one in the 17th century replacing a whole section of the bridge, the original conception is still visible in the old section.

Bypassing the city


I always felt sorry when passing in Salamanca, going somewhere else – I only had visited the city once, slept only one night, and left with the idea that I should come back with more time, at least to make some decent pictures, that I missed in my first visit.

​I did! Twice, and with time, so I will start writing new tips.

Second and third visits

In preparation