Eating in Astorga


Eating in Astorga

Doubtful impression Casa Maragata

We drove to Astorga to confirm the wonders about “cocido”.
Arriving to the restaurant we found a paper in the door announcing that it was closed to holidays, but “they would serve us in Maragata II”.
It was becoming later, but we walked to it to find… a paper announcing that it was closed to holidays.

Absolutely unacceptable this disrespect for customers.

Positive impression Bar Pub Quadros

Eating in Astorga

Failing the cocido, and almost in despair due to the late hours, we risked the next door place, a pub serving tapas.

The tapas were good, not outstanding, the service was nice, and the price very reasonable.

It is not exactly a restaurant, but the lunch pleased everybody.