Balearic islands


To see Balearic islands in general

Balearic is synonymous of… beach.

However, it as a lot more to see. I’ve been twice in Mallorca, had a quick visit to Ibiza, and never visited Minorca nor Formentera, but, the one I know – Mallorca – is a nice destination for holidays.

​The other… I’ll check it out one of these days.


Balearic islands

The Balearic Islands challenges Algarve in the dispute of the best beaches in Europe (for my taste, of course).

Wide, open sandy beaches, secluded bays, rocky shelters, there’s everything to choose from, with the water always warm enough to allow Fernanda to swim.

​Yes, that’s true – she did swim in Mallorca.


Balearic islands

The main Balearic Island is very interesting for summer holidays: it adds several different attractions to the usual top highlight – beach.

Palma de Mallorca is a beautiful city, but all around Mallorca island and inland are very interesting spots reachable in minutes, giving diversity to your vacations.

Transports Access by boat

Getting to the Island is usually made by plane, flying from far, but those coming from Spain have alternatives to plane, either from Barcelona or Valencia.

Boat to Mallorca
Boat to Mallorca

It takes half a day each way, and may be boring. In our first visit we went in a overnight trip, and sleeping in a bouncing boat was almost impossible. The return was during the day, and then it was boring, boring, even disguised by the boring table games.​

No! Flying is the best option, and low-cost reinforces it. Unless you want to take the car with you…


Balearic islands

 – You have 30 minutes to return aboard…

This surely is beautiful! We should have more time…

Sorry, folks. Time to board