Eating in Torremolinos

CIau Bella

Eating in Torremolinos

Rest2 Ciau Bella

Extremely kind

We arrived in Torremolinos by dinner time, but I didn’t want to eat before finding a room.

​The girl at the door pointed the restaurant when I asked her for a cybercafe, and we entered. After choosing Tortellini (very good) I asked for the computers and… there was none – the restaurant had wireless access, but useless without a computer.

I cancelled the meal and announced that I would look elsewhere.

Immediately the cook (boss?) exited the kitchen and told me that he would lend me his own computer.

Noticing that Fernanda was not eating (she was sick, and the only thing that she could try to eat was a soup – absent in the menu) he decided:

– I will make a soup for you.

He went out (shopping?) an came with a few ingredients to prepare the soup.

Well… it was great, and deserved the good tip that I left.

Rest2 Los Pescadores

Eating in Torremolinos
Eating in Torremolinos – Pescadores

Just across the street

Among the many stalls in the sand, this was the one that pleased more this time. They all share the “universal” recipes, they all use the tricks of fast food (french fries, salad, and… something else that makes the difference) but this one seemed to have the best price-quality ratio.

We used it three times, without remarks.

Address: On Bajondillo beach

Rest1 El Marques

Eating in Torremolinos – El Marquês

Good impression

This the only restaurant that we tried, in the centre of Torremolinos, but we did it twice. In the first visit the service was gentle and efficient, the food was good, and the price very reasonable. Overall, a very positive impression. A few days later we decided to try another place, but everything was so crowded, so confuse, that, when patience got lost, we returned to this already know place.Well, they suffered also the confusion of a exceptionally busy day, and the service was much slower than in the first visit, however, that was the only visible difference. I think that we were served by the owner himself, really trying his best to face the unexpected rush. Another positive point.

Address: In S. Miguel square

Doubtful impression Heladaria Magui

Eating in Torremolinos – Magui

Nice service

We ate in a restaurant nearby, and moved here to the desert. Ice cream, of course. Good ice cream, gentle service, nice price.In a single appreciation, a good first impression.

Address: Calle Antonio Navajas Ruiz 2 Local 7

Directions: Near Paseo Maritim in Bajondillo

Rest2 El Velero

Eating in Torremolinos – Velero

Good image

This restaurant has the best external image of all restaurants in the sand that we saw in Bajondillo beach. We had just a lunch there, and it was a good meal… at a price. Nothing to complaint, but not suitable for each day meal if budget counts.

Favorite Dish: ParrilladaPaella

Address: On the beach of Bajondillo

Rest3 Pizzeria NaturaSur

Eating in Torremolinos – Pizzeria NaturaSur

Bad experience

My first meal in Torremolinos this year was pizza and lasagna bought in this restaurant to take away. Lasagna was reasonable, but pizza could be much better. And, for two weeks we skipped this restaurant several times.The strength of a single bad experience…

Address: Calle de Antonio Navajas Ruiz, 3 Local 1

Price Comparison: less expensive than average

Directions: Between Navajas palace and Paseo Maritim

Price: less than US$10

Rest2 Andaluz

Eating in Torremolinos – Andaluz

It's there Carambuco

Eating in Torremolinos – Carambuco

Rest2 La Rumba

Eating in Torremolinos – La Rumba

Rest2 Macarena

Eating in Torremolinos – Macarena

Rest2 Bistrot Europa

Eating in Torremolinos – Bistrot Europa

Rest2 Pizzeria La Bruschetta

Eating in Torremolinos – La Bruschetta

Rest1 El Dorado

Eating in Torremolinos – El Dorado