Visiting Cadiz


Visiting Cadiz – historic harbor

To see  I’ve been in Cadiz for the first time in 1963 and it didn’t impress me much. Several times after that I passed in the area, skipping it because… it was not interesting.

This year I spent two weeks in the facing city of Puerto de Santa Maria, and visiting Cadiz was almost mandatory, but my son had the information of a colleague who lived there for some time, that it was ugly.

So, the visit was postponed until almost the end of the vacation, and it was done in a rush.

We all felt sorry, because we should have given the city a little more time – it is not ugly, it is lively, and it has, for sure, several motifs of interest for all kind of tastes in the family.

​We tried to correct things repeating the visit two days later, but, there is still much to see and do in Cadiz. For now, let’s bury that silly information about the “ugly” city, OK?

Plaza de España

Visiting Cadiz
Visiting Cadiz – Plaza de España

Modern square

The Plaza de España is a large and modern square close to the port, dominated by the Monument to the Constitution of 1812.

​This beautiful monument is a project of the architect Modesto Lopez Otero and the sculptor Aniceto Marinas, and it was finished in 1929.


Visiting Cadiz – Watchtowers

Good image

The towers were the first thing travelers saw when arriving sea, and Cadiz became famous all over the world thanks to its watchtowers.

The watchtowers of Cadiz (they were a total of 160, 126 nowadays) show a clear influence of North Africa. Generally watchtowers were used between the 18th and 20th centuries.

​In the 18th every merchant decorated his house with a watchtower, thus evidencing their prosperity.The beauty of Plaza de España is enhanced by a few watchtowers in background.

Address: Plaza de Espanha

​Topete square

Visiting Cadiz – Topete square

Surrounded by some of the most commercial streets of Cadiz, this square, known by the several stall selling flowers, is one of the liveliest places in the city.

Curiously, the square gets the name from a Spanish politician but the statue in the square is from Columela, a roman writer, that gives name to one of the adjacent streets.

​All good neighbors…

​Paco Alba

Visiting Cadiz – Paco Alba

Now, may I introduce you to mister Francisco José María del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Alba Medina?

He lived from 1918 to 1976, and you should have enjoyed his company.

​He is considered the “father” of the Carnival of Cádiz.

​Several times awarded, he won the Golden mask in 1969, the highest award to an author or performer of the Carnival of Cadiz, and a small statue facing the sea in Caleta beach.


Visiting Cadiz – Apodaca
Visiting Cadiz

Gardened coast

The walled north coast of the city houses a nice garden, with great shades covering statues and fountains, allowing good views.

​A small nice area to refresh a little during the strolling across town.


Visiting Cadiz – Cathedral

Construction began in the 18th century and was only completed 116 years later, the cathedral features a mix of styles that testify to the long construction period, from early baroque to late neoclassical.

The baroque decorations are interesting, and the aesthetic adaptations that were introduced to balance the evolution of styles, especially in the towers and façade.

City Hall

Visiting Cadiz – City hall


Visiting Cadiz – Post office

Puertas de Tierra

Visiting Cadiz – Puertas de tierra


Visiting Cadiz – Santiago

Plaza de Sevilla

Plaza de Sevilla

Aduana (customs)


San Francisco

San Francisco
San Francisco

Travelling around – Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera

Positive impression Cafetaria Andalucia


We decided to have dinner in Cadiz (just one) and this happened to be the place.

Why? It was there, and with the walls and displays filled with photos of all kinds of food, we surely would find something suitable for each one tastes.

It worked fine.

Eating in Cadiz - Plaza Topete
Eating in Cadiz – Plaza Topete

We ordered several kind of dishes, from typical to international, but, fooled by the small appearance of the pictured dishes, we ordered a couple of starters more than needed, which means that we all ate too much…

​The food was good, the price was correct, and, back home, I couldn’t understand the terrible comments read in TripAdvisor about this restaurant.

Favorite Dishes: Gambas rebozadas, Carne al toro

Address: Plaza Topete nº 10

Phone: 956 225 183

Website: Cafetaria Andalucia

Memories of Cadiz – Living statues

Memories of Cadiz - Dragon
Memories of Cadiz – Dragon

Boat to Puerto de S. Maria

Memories of Cadiz . Ferry

On holiday in Puerto de Santa Maria, a city with several interesting attractions that can be visited in a couple of days, the proximity of Cádiz opens up other alternatives to fill in the idle time of one or more weeks of vacation.

A fast and cheap boat connects the two cities, saving tens of kilometres around the estuary.

Site: Ferry