Visiting Antequera


Having passed so many times by Antequera and never stopping, I decided to do it this time, however Fernanda was pushing me to hurry back home, and I only had a very quick glimpse.

Trinidad Convent


I think that I never made such a rushy visit anywhere, as this in Antequera.

I’ve been there in 1963 (wow! 52 years ago), and it didn’t mean much to my young student expectations.

I passed nearby several time, never entering, but this time, I decided to look around.

The problem is that it was Sunday, the commerce was closed, and, with Fernanda blaming loud to move on, I didn’t even left the car for a second.

Passing by I saw a couple of (maybe) interesting points, as, for instance, this church that (I read) was built between 1672 and 1683.

​To see in the third visit, if a third visit occurs.

Tribuna de la Cruz Blanca chapel


This strange chapel (strange for its location, topping a rank of buildings between two streets), seems to have been built in 1774, in late Gothic style.

Doubtful impression El Faro – Expensive

El Faro - Antequera

No, I’m not proud of my decision to stop to eat in Antequera.

​The restaurant is well located, by the highway, it looks nice, the steak was big and tasty, but the prices were so high that I think they paid a high salary to the many flies that made us company during all the lunch.