Visiting Porto Moniz


​​To see Visiting Porto Moniz

Some friends of mine say that Porto Moniz doesn’t deserve the trip – I disagree.

I’ve been there twice, always with the same pleasure, and always discovering something new and interesting.

​The only problem this time was the closed old road, a strong sensation in my first visit that I would like to repeat.

Visiting Porto Moniz
Visiting Porto Moniz – natural pools

The natural pools

They call them “natural pools”, but the bathing area is artificial enough to be safe.

​The view is nice, mainly by strong sun, with the black color of the rocks heavily contrasting with the light blue of the ocean, and the white foam.

There are several natural small ponds in the wild rocks, and the complex is very beautiful.

The use of the pools is paid but cheap, from 0.50€ for locals to 1.50 € to general public (1.00 € for students and seniors). 

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Visiting Porto Moniz – aquarium


The old fort of S. João Baptista, built in 1730 to fight the pirates, was recovered and transformed in Aquarium, housing more than 70 of local species.

​Entrance costs 8 € (5 to seniors, children and groups)

Mole islet
Visiting Porto Moniz – Mole islet

“Mole” islet

A small islet in Porto Moniz was used to install the lighthouse.

​It is called “Mole” which means soft, but I can´t understand the name – the look is so hard as everything else in the area.

Visiting Porto Moniz – coast

I think that Porto Moniz has the most volcanic look of Madeira – the dark and aggressive rocks, contrasting with the bright blue of the water and the white of the foam compose a very beautiful image, with the secluded natural (?) pools inviting to swim, with the sea raging around.