Viseu district in general

Viseu district

To see Viseu district in general

This is one of my less visited districts. I noticed that Viseu is a fast developing town, Tarouca has an interesting monastery, S. Pedro do Sul a spa, and beautiful Lamego a charming church watching the town form above.

Honestly, until recently, I never found a reason to GO there, and passing by was always rather quick.

​It was easy to solve – in a couple of trips I visited Caramulo, Lapa, Manhouce, PenedonoPinhel, Rans, Tarouca (with S. João de Tarouca), Santa Comba Dão, Santa Cruz da Trapa, Sernancelhe and Tondela.

Now I think that I started to know something about Viseu district.


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In 70 years, I only made a quick visit to Lamego.

In the last two I went there 3 times, always finding new reasons for interest.

A beautiful city, with the “world” of the Douro at hand, deserves every visit.

São João de Tarouca

Viseu district

I’ve been here recently. Photos and notes will come… soon!


Viseu district

I’ve been here recently. Photos and notes will come… soon!


Viseu district
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Skipped for a longtime for no particular reason, I decided to make a large detour expressly to see the city.

It was a short visit, but enough to catch a general idea of Viseu, that I will express in its own page.

São Pedro do Sul

Vila Pouca de Aguiar

I’ve been in São Pedro do Sul just once, many years ago, and quickly passing by at sunset.

No time to do see and do more than a picture with the friends.

I didn’t also go to Penedono, Santa Cruz da Trapa and Trancoso, but Tito and Claudia did, and returned with some good photos. While I’ll try to convince them to write about the places, I leave you with the best photos.