Visiting Viseu


To see Visiting Viseu

The last capital

At last… I visited Viseu!

The only capital of district for long skipped.

It was a short visit, but justifying a few tips that you may read here.

And… maybe I will return, sooner than expected!

​Soar or St Francisco door

Visiting Viseu
Visiting Viseu – Soar

The medieval walls of the city are gone, but one of its doors still remains.

​It has the kingdom arms in the top, and a niche with a saint.

Major Teles square

Visiting Viseu – Major Teles

This small square, in the centre of the city, is a small gardened area, dominated by a discreet but beautiful statue by José de Oliveira Ferreira, dedicated to all mothers.

Grão Vasco Museum

Visiting Viseu – Museum

Vasco Fernandes, who lived in the end of the 15th century and beginning of the 16th, and supposedly was born in Viseu, is one of the top Portuguese painters of his epoch.

​His masterpiece is a portrait of St Peter, famous for its symmetric conception.No surprise that the main museum in town, close to the cathedral, and showing his work and more, took his name – Grão means… great.

Website: Museum


Visiting Viseu – Cathedral

Almost as old as Portugal, this cathedral suffered many modifications, since the initial construction, in the 12th century, under our first king – Afonso Henriques.

​The initial Gothic is still present, together with the successive adding covering the evolution of styles – Manueline, Renaissance and Baroque.


Visiting Viseu – Misericórdia

Built in 1755, this church is somewhat unbalanced, with a extended façade in Rococo style, and two towers not well integrated.

​It has three Neo-classic altarpieces and some sculptures and paintings.

​D. Duarte square

Visiting Viseu – D. Duarte square

My favorite place in Viseu is this square, with the statue of king Duarte backed by the cathedral, and surrounded by old houses with traditional wrought-iron balconies.

Carmo church

Visiting Viseu – Carmo

This church, inaugurated in 1738, was the result of divergences among Franciscan monks, leading to a new order – Carmo.

​It is a very nice church, with a rich interior – gilded altars, painted ceilings and Rococo tiles are the highlights.

Terceiros de s. Francisco

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Visiting Viseu – S. Francisco

Close to the city’s main square there’s a very harmonious church, enhanced by its location atop a staircase, built in the 18th century, by a disciple of Nasoni.

​It has also a nice interior, with a small museum.

Santa Cristina square

Visiting Viseu – S. Cristina

Dominated by Carmo church, this wide and irregular square is composed by several other interesting elements :

– A pillory from 1563

– The fountain of Sainte Cristhine

– A remain of the old walls

– The “Conciliar” seminary

​- The yellow house

It's there Hotel Avenida


​Classical and central

No. I didn’t stay there.

As a matter of fact I never slept in Viseu, less than two hours distant from my bed, but this hotel caught my attention.

I don’t know the quality of services nor the prices, but I may recommend its location and external look.

Address: Av Alberto Sampaio 1, Viseu, Beiras, 3510-030, Portugal

Phone: +351 232 423 432

Website: Avenida

Mini train

Mini train
Mini train

In Viseu main square I saw a small train, obviously for touristic purposes. 

​I didn’t use it (it’s easy to see the centre of town just walking) but found that it works from May to September, with a different route during the day and by night, at the price of 2 € during the day and half of it in the night.

Website: Mini-train