Ferreira do Zêzere and around

Ferreira do Zezere

To see Ferreira do Zêzere and around

In the degraded centre of Portugal, this small city struggles to survive, with industrial and agricultural resources.

Not being a main touristy attractions, it takes reasonable advantage of Castelo do Bode dam, and its lagoon.

Castelo do Bode dam

Ferreira do Z?zere

Most touristy resources use the calm water of this dam.

Bathing or angling are calm alternatives to several water sports.

​Gastronomy also takes advantage of normal catches in the dam.

Floating pool

Ferreira do Z?zere

This area of the dam is called Lago Azul (blue lake) and it seems safe to swim.

However, for total protection, a floating pool with 15×9 meters was placed there, with a smaller one for kids.

​The use is free.

​Nautical sports and more

Ferreira do Z?zere

If you’re a lover of nautical sports in the wild, this may be a very good spot to you. The nautical club in the dam provides all kinds, complemented with several other options, in a very beautiful landscape.

​The complex includes a camping park, restaurant and shop

Website: Centro Náutico

Lagoa azul (blue lagoon)

Ferreira do Z?zere

Transport São Cristóvão cruises

Ferreira do Zezere
Ferreira do Zezere

Starting in the area called Lagoa Azul, this big boat provides circuits of 4 or 7 hours, both with lunch, from 40 to 55€.

​The problem is that the cruise that may carry up to 160 people, only works with the minimum of 45, which means that out of peak season it is only booked by groups.

Phone: +351.265.227.685

Website: Cruise