Porto Novo – 1st visit

Porto novo

To see Porto Novo beach

Porto Novo

It was not our intention to go to the beach, just to observe an area of Torres Vedras coast, where we rarely go.

We were surprised by the natural beauty of this corner, the good tourist use, and the ease of access and parking resulting from its location in a sparsely populated area.

Given the proximity, we also visited the Vimeiro spa. Less than 5 km distant, it allows a pleasant walk in both senses, either visiting the pa while staying in the beach or vice-versa.

Vimeiro spa


The Vimeiro Spa has a long history that dates back to ancient Roman times when the therapeutic benefits of the local mineral-rich waters were first discovered. Over the centuries, the spa has been developed and modernized to provide various treatments and services to its guests.

The mineral waters of Vimeiro are believed to have beneficial effects on the skin, circulation, and overall well-being, however, in our visit we were surprised with unexpected signs of abandon and some degradation. Wrong impression? Maybe!