Visiting Oeiras


Visiting Oeiras – calm beach

To see ​From Lisbon, this is the beach that achieves the best ratio between the quality of the beach and the distance from town.

Located halfway between Lisbon and Cascais, Oeiras is not a common stop for foreigners, being used mainly by Portuguese looking for good beaches close to Lisbon. A fastly growing city, not being a top destination, is gathering each more reasons to attract visitors, showing something new each time I visit it.​

​Torre beach

Visiting Oeiras
Visiting Oeiras – Beach

This is my favorite beach in Estoril coast.

When I was a student, it was always the first option – safe, calm, secluded, accessible, not too crowded.

​After many years I was there again, and though the harbor has changed its look, it still keeps being a lovely beach.


Visiting Oeiras – Marina

Something new, to me, this complex gave a new appearance to the beach, but brought life, and a new kind of dwellers, becoming a good solution for a family’s lunch or stroll.

​There are a few restaurants.

​S Julião da Barra fort

Visiting Oeiras – Fort

Still used by the government as the official residence of the Minister of Defense, the stronghold of S. Julião da Barra divides the large and popular beach of Carcavelos and the cosy beach of Torre.

Its construction began in the 16th century, and it was present in many historic events since then.

Eating in Oeiras – Peter i.e. Charkoal


Positive impression Nice place

Eating in Oeiras - Charkoal

Peter started to be a restaurant in Azores, but grew, covering many activities connected with the sea. 

Promoted as “The best bar in the world for yacht people”, one more restaurant was opened in Oeiras marina. 

We went there for a “difficult” family lunch (many ages and tastes), and they passed with general approval.

Site: Charkoal