In Tornada


To see Tornada

This is, for us, a place where we pass often, sometimes trying to do it by lunchtime, to a stop in a good restaurant.

However, its proximity to Caldas da Rainha and S. Martinho do Porto may turn it in a good place to stay, or even to live. Meanwhile, we had a quick glimpse of the common church.

I recommend O Cortiço

Javali no churrasco

For over 50 years I liked to go to this restaurant, always to eat a “Boar in the barbecue”.
I still like to go to there, now to eat a “Barbecue like boar”.
It is the same delicacy, but because it is pork, perhaps marinated, surely with a special sauce, the name was corrected.
It is a huge restaurant, with a large number of clients searching quality and price, and has many other recommended dishes. I really enjoyed a cod, but the pork-boar…