Visiting Porto de Mós

Leiria District

To see Castle of Porto de Mós

Porto de Mós

Built in 1200 on top of a previous fortification, the castle played an important role in the entire history of the Middle Ages.

Ruined by the 1755 earthquake, it was declared a national monument in the last century, and has since been restored. It is today the great image of the city.


Porto de M?s
Porto de Mós

Not exactly in the city, but in its surroundings and very close, there are several of the most beautiful caves in Portugal.

Santo António, Mira de Aire, and Alvados are the most popular.



S. Pedro church

Porto de Mós

St. Anthony

Porto de Mós

St Anthony chapel

Built in the seventeenth century by popular subscription, it is located on a hill, accessed through a staircase, with a statue of the saint. Inside there are 17th century tiles and interesting paintings on the walls.


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