Sabugal castle

Sabugal castle

To see ​Sabugal

I’ve been in this city just once, being surprised by the pentagonal tower of its castle.

I hadn’t read much about it, but found it an interesting stop, in a trip made with friends visiting the historical towns and villages along the northeastern border.

​A pleasant and relaxing trip, meeting some classical references of our history and culture, and the hospitality of the population.​

Once back home I read that it has the expected rich history, since 1224, the year when Afonso XIX from Leon firstly tried to build a fortification, concluded a few years later by the Portuguese king after Alcañices treaty.

​It served in many wars until 1811, against Napoleon’s troops. Abandoned then, it was used as a cemetery by the population from 1846 to 1927, with several restorations since then.

Website: Sabugal