Visiting Castelo Branco

Castelo Branco

To see Visiting Castelo Branco

My Fault

When we travel in Portugal we usually decide to go north or south. Castelo Branco stays… east, which means out of usual routes. On the way to Spain… yes, its possible, but the alternatives are better!

That’s why I noticed that I’ve been several times in Castelo Branco, going somewhere, but never went “TO” that city. I don’t know much about it…

​OK! That’s in the agenda.

Jardim do Paço

Visiting Castelo Branco
Visiting Castelo Branco

It’s referred everywhere as the most remarkable point of Castelo Branco.

That’s why, passing there, we couldn’t stop without seeing it.

​It’s a nice small baroque garden, easy to visit, and… it really deserves a brief visit.