Memories of Mértola


Personal memories Memories of Mértola

Pleasant rest

Alentejo is, at our scale, a large province that stands in the way to Algarve. Most people coming from the north cross it without stopping, anxious to relax by the sea.

That is not a wise solution. You may, as we say, “join the useful to the pleasant”, and make a “technical stop” at Mértola. The town is small but wonderful.

​Depending on your time, you may just stop by the castle, for a quick visit, entering the small church that was, in its beginning, a Muslim mosque. 

Memories of Mértola
Memories of Mértola

Then, if you decide to stay a while, you may stroll along town, in search of the Roman, Visigoth, Muslim and Paleochristian remnants.

​There’s a museum, split in five nucleus by themes, and with one single ticket you may enter all that you want, the main attraction being the Arab nucleus.

​OK, you may proceed now, and I promise you that in about one hour you may be in the water.