Visiting Aveiro

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To see Aveiro – Portuguese Venice

Did you think that Portugal was the only country without a so called Venice or Venezia or Veneza?

We have water so we have also our Venice. What do they have in common?

1 – Water and canals
2 – The smell
​3 – A similar typical boat (Moliceiro versus Gondola)

What are the differences?

1 – The palaces
2 – The prices
3 – 15 000 000 tourists each year
4 – “Ovos moles

​”Those are the big notes. But there are many small ones, that you’d better check for yourself


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It’s exaggerated the comparison to Venice, but Aveiro is, really very tight to water.

A few canals cross the city, and in the neighborhoods, most of their life is connected to the sea and lagoon.

​Aveiro is mainly a growing industrial city, with the sea present everywhere.



The top icon of the city is the traditional boat used to pick algae from the lagoon, called Moliceiro.

​Now a fading activity, it keeps being the “official” image against the reality of a growing industrial area, but it is not much than a touristy relic nowadays, possible to book for a short trip.