Passing by Alcoutim


To see Alcoutim – By the Guadiana

After several decades passing nearby, I decided, this time, to make the detour needed to visit Alcoutim


Main Church

​Good idea! It’s a nice small city, proud of his history and traditions, and with a good look over a nice part of the river.

Located by the river, the church of “S. Salvador” was initially built in the 14th century, enlarged in the 16th in Renaissance style. and restored in 1949, respecting as far as possible the old image.


Fluvial Beach

We read that the city has a fluvial beach; we searched for it, but we didn’t see it. 

​Lots of boats, a nice tranquility by the river, music coming from Spain just across, a nice scenery, but no idea about the beach.

S. Martinho do Porto

Facing Spain

A river separating two countries, two cultures, two cities, but everything seeming so close, so linked, that I had this funny experience: there was a popular festivity in Alcoutim, but the sound of the music came from across the river.

The same festivity?

The same saint?

​Just a coincidence?