3 days in Amman looking elsewhere

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We spent 3 days in the city, always busy traveling around, which forced us into a very superficial view of the city, with no time to stop and take pictures. Therefore, and with due reverence, I use the images of visitors happier and more competent than I am, to illustrate the best that I saw.

King Abdul Mosque

Amman ga2190d81f 1280
Amman ga2190d81f 1280

Roman Theatre

Roman theatre g6c71b8c1f 1280
Roman theatre g6c71b8c1f 1280

Special hotel Meridien – Top Service


Excellent hotel, large rooms, extremely nice people and service, good ambiance, several restaurants (we didn’t try some of them because the main one served very well at breakfast or dinner and lunch was always out of town).

Meridien Amman
In the lobby

We used it as a base to the trips to the north and the Desert Castles, which left to time to the city and to use the services of the hotel.

A Portuguese friend found the rooms a little old (?), but we didn’t agree.

No way! It’s really a good hotel, as all that we met in Jordan.