Flying over Lake Powell

Lake powell

To see Flying over Lake Powell

​Before visiting the west, I read a lot. 

Flying over lake powell
Flying over lake Powell

In most readings, Lake Mead was a must see. From the air we can have the idea of the importance of Hoover dam, and the challenge that its construction must have been. 

However, from the air, the views of Lake Powell are more impressive. 

A real wonder! And it must be very interesting the boat trip to rainbow bridge, meandering in the rocks. 

​Next time…

Rainbow bridge – Only from the air

Rainbow bridge
Rainbow bridge

Seen from the plane in our way from the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley, Rainbow Bridge seems a small accident in nature.

​Of course, it isn’t, and it was one of the strongest reasons why I was sorry the plane couldn’t land everywhere. It must be impressive, watching the arch from the ground, but I had no time for those long hours needed to drive there.