Grand Palladium

​Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa

Personal memories We went to Palladium by… hazard!

We were staying in Runaway Bay, and our hotel invited us to a free trip to Negril, with one or two nights in… Palladium. We accepted, and it was a wise decision.

Palladium hotel is a new and huge complex, that promises great vacations in the future. It was starting to operate (I think that we inaugurated our room, still smelling ink), with a low occupancy, and the staff somewhat insecure. Sympathy and enthusiasm replaced experience, and our short stay was perfect.

Being an extra in an all-inclusive package we had no idea of its prices.

Address: 5 Km east of Lucea

Everywhere Bars

Palladium - Hotel in Lucea

The main restaurant in Palladium had a good buffet, but the most interesting aspect was its wide construction, prepared to face hurricanes.

Being an all-inclusive resort, everywhere was a good place to eat and drink, even in the middle of the pool, where 5 Spanish spent almost two hours holding glasses and talking around a missing table (yes, 5!)

Hotel in Lucea

Conceived to act as a real city, the big resorts have a complementary shopping area that goes far beyond the common gift shop.

The variety is not too big, and the prices are high, but if you go outside and visit a mall, you will find out that it is almost the same, since the malls are also oriented to tourists.