Visit to Saint-Sauveur

Saint-Sauveur 1

To seeThe Town of Saint-Sauveur

Saint Sauveur

​A small town, with interesting wooden buildings, some small shops, a closed church… but… a rainy day!

Who can really appreciate a place under such rain, furthermore, a winter destination in summer?

Doubtful impression Help – I forgot

S sauveur 3
S Sauveur 3

A nice place, by a beautiful lake (if you forget the mosquitoes), with a beach we couldn’t use because it was raining, and we had a good sleep close to Saint-Sauveur, but… we were in a package, I didn’t take note of the hotel’s name and… forgot it. 

Anybody helps me?

No way… I didn’t identify the place… yet!

Warnings or dangers Mosquitoes


The weather was wet (some rain), but the sight of the lac, despite the mosquitoes, was appealing, and the esplanade, with romantic candles, convinced us to eat outdoor. 

Well! I’ve been in Africa, and even in the deep jungle I never had been so attacked by mosquitoes. 

I survived, but more then a month later I still kept signs of the big pimples they caused me (Fernanda didn’t suffer that much).