Visiting Ksar es Seghir


​​Visiting Ksar es Seghir

A small village, once occupied by the Portuguese, lost all its importance since then. At least that’s what it seems, since for many years I couldn’t find it in the map.

Maybe the sea is dangerous or cold in this northern coast, maybe the lack of infrastructures or the hard access keep people away, but the very nice beach of this small village near Tangier (with bad name in portuguese history…), seems to deserve another kind of human presence.

Was it a bad day?

Market in Ksar-es-Seghir

Visiting Ksar es Seghir
Visiting Ksar es Seghir

It was fun to watch the local market in Ksar-es-Seghir, near Tangier, with all the women in… uniform. We had already seen that striped djellaba, but never saw so many people together, and all with the same pattern. 

The village seems poor, the market was poor, but the uniformity left a sensation of order and organization.