Piran – 3 hours stop

To see Only a couple of hours, bur it was enough to a general idea about this beautiful small city.

​Or, at least, its historical center.

​Tartiniev square


This wide oval square is the center of the city, with the best buildings around it, and with the other attractions at short distance in all directions. Its place was formerly occupied by the port, but the bad smells that affected town hall, built in 1872, and sanitary reasons, justified that, in 1984, it was filled in, building the large square. In 1896, a monument celebrating Guiseppe Tartini, a famous violinist born 200 years before in Piran, was erected in the centre of the square, by the Venetian artist Antonio del Zotto.

No surprise that the local children are invited to enjoy the place.

Website: Piran

​City Hall


Built in location of the former town hall, dating from the 13Th century, this big palace from the 19Th century, preceding the filing of the square, is a modern structure, displaying some statues and other antiques retired from the old construction.

Address: Tartinijev Trg, Piran

​St Stephen


One of the oldest churches in Piran, dating from the 12th or the 13Th centuries, houses a few paintings, and a beautiful roof.

Address: Near Tartini square

​St Peter church


A modest church from the 18th century, built upon another one 600 years older, has as main attraction a restored crucifix from the 14th century.

​A relief over the door shows Christ giving the keys to Peter.

Were the kids painting those details?

Address: Tartinijev Trg, Piran


​Savudriska street                                                             


One of the most interesting streets in Piran is this narrow one, that, starting in Tartini square, shows several interesting details, including another Venetian building

​Dolphins gate


In Savudriska street, one of the interesting detail is this gate, called Dolphins gate I don’t know why, with a Gothic conception.

Address: Savudrijska Ulica, Piran

​First of May square


Before the filling of Tartini square this was the centre of town.

​A beautiful square, surrounded by baroque buildings, with a cistern and a well embellished by a few statues.

​Nice place.

Address: Piran

​Venetian house


The oldest building in town is this Venetian house, in Tartiniev square. dating from the 15th century.

There’s a relief under the second floor windows, that refer to some loving adventures of the owner, not very well accepted by the population.

​Well, that was his problem, his house was nice (and rich), and that’s why the population could only try to copy, or… just give a close idea.
Address: Tartinijev Trg, Piran

Piran - 3 hours stop

​Town walls


Uphill, it is still possible to see the old town wall, covering an extension of about 200 meters.

​It seems to be the best photographic point in Piran, but I had no time to explore it.

Address: Tartinijev Trg, Piran



As in most places in Adriatic coast, “beach” is a forced word to identify some artificial accesses to the sea.

Piran is no exception, and the bathing area, with a clear and calm water, is only accessible diving from the piers or descending the stairs.

Though the weather was inviting, we didn’t try the water.

​Well… Fernanda did, with her left foot.

Useful64 ​Naturism


It’s not my kind of sports (I don’t really know if it may be classified as sport) but the lovers of naturism may enjoy a spot unusually close to the city centre.

​The north side of the cape is wild, and naked people use it without any kind of problems, except the difficulty to enter the water.

Directions: along the coast



I was alerted that driving and parking in Piran was restricted, and that I should leave the car in the modern park, built a few hundred meters from city centre, at the end of the bathing area.

Seeming a bit far, I risked to drive as close as possible, and, as a matter of fact, I could park closer to the historic center.

Leaving the city I verified that the mentioned parking lot is not a bad solution, because they have a free shuttle to town.

​Next time, I will already know!