Visiting Pinhão



To see Visiting Pinhão

Capital of Port wine Pinhão is one of the most visited Portuguese small cities.

The objective, of course, is one of the many wine farms around it, and all the show, of the vines descending to the river.

​Accessible by boat, road or train, it’s common to use boat in one way and train in the other, getting two different views of the river.

Port Wine’s front door

Visiting Pinhão
Visiting Pinhão

Located 20 kilometers after Peso da Régua for those who come from Porto, this is the heart of Port wine producing activity.

A small town, with a hotel used as an overnight stop for the river cruises, the place is surrounded by many and large vineyards, of most of the representative producers.​

Everything there is connected with Port, and, when I try to tell something about it all my complexes come to my mind, because my friend Mario is an expert, and the passion and competence he shows when talking about Port wine, advice me to shut up and listen. ​

So, if you want to know more about Port wine, do as myself – ask Mario. You have him in fortheloveofport and in any other place of the world or internet where the subject is… port wine.

Train station

Train station

The train station is one of the ex-libris of Pinhão. Important for combining with the cruise ships on the connection to Porto, its interest is in the many tile panels reproducing the work of wine.


Visiting Pinhão – Casal de Loivos

Dotted around the region are many viewpoints covering spectacular views of the Douro valley.
At the top of the slope behind Pinhão, the Casal de Loivos viewpoint is one of the most accessible and interesting.

Boat trip

Visiting Pinhão – Boat trip

A common (and recommended) solution to see the Douro is to take one of the many cruises.
Those who do not have the time or desire to take the boat from Porto can, in Pinhão, choose between mini-cruises lasting one or two hours.


Visiting Pinhão – Farm

The many Douro farms enrich the landscape, travelling by car or boat, and visiting some of them is imperative. There’s plenty to choose from, and some of them are excellent viewpoints too.

Tasting wine

Visiting Pinhão – Tasting wine

Tasting (and buying) wines is the common program in all the many visitable estates. Having a car, the choice is wide and diverse.
For those arriving by boat or train, the alternatives are more limited, but Quinta do Bonfim, right next to the station, is one of the best.

Positive impression LBV 79 – Good, at dusk

LBV 79
LBV 79
Eating in Pinhão - LBV 79
Eating in Pinhão – LBV 79

We failed the first attempt, due to overbooking, we got it right on the second.

A pleasant terrace in a balmy evening, a well-prepared meal, served without the rush we didn’t have.

The price, denoting the inflation of the tourist service, was not excessive (of course we didn’t order the wine listed at €400, not even close…).

Site: LBV79

Doubtful impression Cais da Foz – The last option

Cais 1
Eating in Pinhão – Cais da Foz

Cais da Foz was the only solution, on a day when the restaurants of Pinhão were all sold out. A good exterior image, with a garden terrace, but we had to go inside, much less appealing.

It was the possible meal, without reasons for major repairs, but forgotten even before crossing the bridge back to the center of the village.

Vintage House – Pinhão

Vintage house

Hotel0 Excellent hotel in the privileged area of Pinhão. Overlooking the river, it stretches between it and the train line (which we never heard of), with a residential block separated by a garden area from the restaurant and swimming pool. After an initial amusing confusion resulting from the fact that the reception was on floor 0 at the access level but floor 2 from the pool area, everything worked perfectly.

Site: Hotel

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