Phuket 4

Phuket in 4 great days


Visiting Phuket during monsoon

 Almost 1000 km far from Bangkok, the island has its own collection of good reasons to attract the tourists.
First of all, the beaches, Patong as the leader but also Karon, Kata and others, each of one better than its neighbours, but also the mountains, the temples, the bays, the small islands, and so on. We were there in a tour visiting also Chiang MaiChiang Rai, with a quick visit to Singapore, reserving one week to Phuket.
But one week becomes only a moment.


Visiting Phuket – Landscape

Visiting Phuket, we find that it is mainly beach, but don’t miss a trip in the island.

​Phang Nga is a must, but the landscape of the southern tip of the island is also very beautiful.

​Dangerous swim during monsoon

Visiting Phuket – Beach

It was “our” beach, with the hotel well located by the sea, and… we met the monsoon. Impossible to swim.

The 1st day an helicopter flying around announced us the death of a tourist in the neighbor Kata beach. We didn’t take risks, and only Tito and me entered the water, in a shallow area, but with full precautions, because even there, we felt the very strong undertoe. The beach was neglected (low season) but Patong beach was safe and near.

​Anyway, everybody enjoyed our stay, the tranquility of the place, and the ease to explore the several good attractions in the island. But I would like to come back with a different sea.

​Patong Beach

Visiting Phuket – Patong

I think that Patong beach and Ban Patong must be the same thing. Or not?

Patong was precious for us. With the monsoon, Kata beach was unsafe, so we came often to Patong, where only the dark green color of the water and the many algae denounced the rough sea. No problem to the swim and nautical sports.


Visiting Phuket – Phi Phi

My agent and friend, Rebelo, when we were preparing the trip, showed me a package with 2 days in Phi Phi islands, saying it was tourist trap, that, visiting Phuket, the islands were easily visited in one day, and we could enjoy those nights somewhere else.

​We accepted the suggestion, and saw he was right. But the contrast between the violent surf in our coast (monsoon time), and the clear and calm waters of Phi Phi islands, made us doubt that maybe that package was not such a bad idea.

The night in the island may be a little boring, but the day with the fish, it’s really a great experience.

​Phang Nga

Phang Nga

Sometimes movies change the landscape to produce an illusion; some other times they use it exactly as it is, because there’s no need to add or change anything. That’s what happened with this island in James Bond film.

Only building some paths and a small harbour, changing the angles, they created in the film the sensation of a world that… it’s not there. But all the outdoors elements are. It’s a common island with a magnificent and strange rock at the entrance of the bay, but it’s always crowded with people trying to relate the sights with the film memories.

It is an interesting stop in a good small trip, one of the highlights for those visiting Phuket.

Tito went there again, and it seems that the crowds are moving elsewhere

​Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga

An entirely Muslim community floating in the water.

Even the mosque and shops were built on the wooden structures that hold the paths and houses more than one meter upon water level.

We had lunch there.

​Nothing to remember, except the site.What happened to it with the tsunami? I’m afraid to only think about it.

​Silk production

Silk production

In all organized tours it is mandatory to see several production units of local crafts, ending in a large store that is the REAL reason that took you there.

Here it was a little different, and we visited several small producers, where selling was not so forced.

​The silk production was particularly curious, and the kids enjoyed very much all the techniques.

​Rubber factory

Rubber factory

The rubber “factory” is a quick and interesting visit.

You may see all the artesanal process, from collecting the sap to the final pressing.

I believe that those traditional artifacts now are used only for tourist exhibition.

​Anyway, I really enjoyed to see.

​Butterfly Farm

Samode Haveli Jaipur
​Butterfly Farm

Yes, it’s cool, it’s calm, it’s nice.

A piece of nature packed under a net, with flowers and fish composing the environment for a huge collection of living beautiful butterflies.

​It sure deserves a visit, and you can’t skip it.

I recommend Hotels in Phuket – Ramada Phuket Southsea

Phuket 3
Phuket 3
Hotels in Phuket
Phuket 2

A beautiful wooden structure, a pleasant and well-integrated pool, and a perfect location by the sea, just across the road.

The only drawback is that we were out of season, and the sea, with the monsoon, was dangerous.

​As we could see the place is gay friendly, and it is not difficult to get a woman for a massage in the room.

Address: 204 Karon Road, Karon Beach, Phuket 83100, Thailand

Site: Ramada

Swimming in Phuket

Phuket 5
Phuket 5
Swimming in Phuket
Phuket 6

We went to Karon beach, in Phuket, during monsoon time, facing a very dangerous beach to swim.

Patong was only ten minutes distant, and it was absolutely secure.

​That made it “our” beach; only the color of the water, with too many algae, reminding us of the monsoon.

Pleasant Trip

Phuket 1
Phuket 1

More than the highlights where you will be conducted (James Bond Island and Floating Village) all the way in the bay is a succession of beautiful cliffs, rocks and caves. I don’t know if it happens in all circuits in Phuket, but we were taken for a long trip, with a break for lunch in the floating village. Then a heavy rain appeared, making everybody fear for the long way back.

​The funny is that the village was so close to the starting point, that in a couple of minutes, we were well protected from the rain.

​Water sports

Memories of Phuket
Tito dating the jet ski

OK, OK, Tito.
You may rent the jet ski.

​It is not cheap for local standards, but, we know, tourists will always be expected to accept exceptional fares everywhere, and we did.

​Horacio! Come down at once!

Las Vegas
Horácio landing

Uh!… I mean… Come down as slow as you can!

He did!

​His first (and last, as far as I know) paragliding experience was safe, not too expensive, and I envy the sights that he had from the air, not as far as Bangkok… but almost.

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