Petrópolis – only 3 good hours in winter

To see Visiting Petrópolis

It was winter, and that, probably, softened the contrast between the hot weather in Rio de Janeiro, and the cooler air of the mountains. The only thing we could notice was the dramatic difference in landscape and architecture. After several days “being” somewhere in Portugal, we arrived somewhere in France or Switzerland. The general look of Petrópolis, the buildings, the gardens, everything demonstrated that this must have been a preferred place to European immigrants other from Portuguese.
But Portuguese history and culture was still strongly present. And we appreciated this getaway place, representing another look in the mosaic of Brazilian contrasts.

The imperial museum

Visiting Petropolis
Visiting Petrópolis

A large colonial building that once was emperor Pedro II’s summer residence, is now the Imperial Museum. 

If you want to discover the story of the independence, and are prepared for the long lines (or it was only our bad luck?), you must visit this museum, one of the best in Brazil.

The “animation” in the waiting lines was performed by a sloth, free and confident, in the surrounding trees

Website: Museu Imperial

My God! This preciosity was burnt? Unbelievable!


Petropolis by solopes
Petropolis by solopes

The museum was absolutely indispensable, and, within the list he had prepared, the cathedral kept him company.

The limited time we had, and the long queue at the museum, forced a quick visit, but which did not fail to impress us with the imposing building.

The construction of the cathedral began in 1884 and was completed in 1925, making it one of the oldest cathedrals in Brazil. It was designed by Brazilian architect Francisco Caminhoá, who drew inspiration from the Gothic Revival architectural style.