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Petra wonders by solopes
Petra wonders by solopes

Petra was the curiosity that made me plan a two-week vacation in Jordan, to Fernanda’s surprise, who had no idea where she was going.

It is, in fact, astonishing, the work done on that wild rock, either for its extension, or for the beauty of some elements, or for the state of conservation.

The narrow and long access canyon creates tension, which disappears with the glimpse of the first temple, perhaps the most beautiful.

It’s a tiring programme, due to the many kilometres covered (although some are carried during part of them) but clearly rewarding.

I dare not tell the story of the city, but I invite to read those who know.

I recommend Crown Plaza – Balcony of Petra

Access to the ruins

​Petra is the capital of tourism in Jordan, and hotels are spreading over the hills. The newest ones stand some kilometres far from the Visitor Centre, so you must decide carefully about your preferences: either the probable better conditions of the new hotels, or the accessibility of the old ones.

Petra hotel
Crown Plaza

I stayed at Crown Plaza, which stands right beside the Visitor Centre. The only critic I have to make is the small size of the room and bathroom. It was difficult to open two bags at the same time, and to share the bathroom. But everything else was excellent. I was travelling in a 5 stars program, and despite the hotel rated only 4 stars, I didn’t complaint. The food was good, the pool overlooking the canyon felt like Eden after the exhaustive visit of Petra, and the service was professional and kind.

A little walk after dinner gave us the chance of joining the popular party in the streets of town. It was nice and funny.

NIghtlife Petra by night

Petra by solopes
Folk dancers

It was fun, the popular festival in the streets of Petra, in a warm Friday night. 

Petra by night
Petra 1

Though mainly male (naturally… it’s a Muslim country), the occidental women were well accepted, even by the Jordanian women smiling from their discreet chairs in the back. 

Sympathy and security were always present.

Fernanda had her great day. She was happy and danced. A blond… Success!

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