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Paul da Serra


To see Visiting Paul da Serra in Ponta do Sol

We had no time to visit Ponta do Sol, but we’ve been in its area, atop the mountain, in Paul da Serra and Rabaçal. 

​The top of the island is wild, with dramatic landscape dotted with cows pasturing in a flora that should be preserved, what means a discrete local conflict. 

With good roads, the visit is easy and doesn’t demand much time, unless you want to explore one of the “levadas”.

Landscape in Paul da Serra

Visiting Paul da Serra
Visiting Paul da Serra

It’s worthwhile to go up the mountain to see the absolutely different look of the landscape, in the platform where most of the water carried in the “Levadas” is caught.

​Yellow is the dominant color, the road becomes straight and leveled, and, though the governmental efforts to eliminate cattle in the area to preserve the endemic flora, we may see lots of caws, some of them in apparent freedom.


Paul da Serra
Endemic flora

Used to admire the luxurious vegetation in almost all the island, crossing Paul da Serra may seem a waste of time, due to its poor vegetation.

However, it is completely different, with some endemic species, whose protection is forcing the government to forbid the cattle that we may see at ease in the area.

​I’m not a botanical expert to explain the details, but the couple of hours spent in the top of the mountain were also very interesting.


Paul da Serra

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