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To see Visiting Parati

I had a very strong sensation of travelling back in time twice in my life: first when, lost near Tours, in France, I found myself in a never heard location called Richelieu; second, entering central Parati. And that because in most of the places, the historic elements, either show the effects of time, or evidence the efforts of maintenance and recuperation. In those places, no. Everything was naturally antique and preserved. My wife went there not very convinced, because her purpose was to know Angra dos Reis, each day promoted in the novels that fill our TV. But she returned as conquered by Parati, as disappointed by Angra dos Reis.

​Old Town

Visiting Parati
Old town

If you are not a Portuguese, and never visited Óbidos, for instance, you will not understand the feelings and sensations of walking those cobblestone streets, lined with those familiar houses, in a present full of past, there understanding the real meaning of “Pais irmão” (Brother Country). 

This is a feeling only available to Portuguese, but the beauty and authenticity will hurt you the same.



The local beach is not very appealing, but, by car or by boat, all around Parati there are lots of secluded or wider beaches, inviting you to swim.

Angra dos Reis is famous for those beaches, maybe because it is closer to Rio de Janeiro, but Parati has nothing to loose in comparison.

​Parati Mirim

Parati Mirim

There is a difficult to access beach, that even surprised our Brazilian driver, who asked me how did I know about its existence.

Well… readings, I said.

After passing by a remote indian village (where we were asked to pay something), the beach was a real wonder.

Indian Town

Indian Village

In our way to Parati Mirim we passed by an Indian village. The Indians forbidden us to make pictures, but, as you may guess, some Reais, opened all the needed smiles. 

One thing I owe them: not telling you the way. 

But if you find it for yourself… or reading the Lonely Planet guide…


Visiting Parati

Parati is mainly a marvelous old Portuguese settlement by a sea dotted with islands, however, if you look inland, the wonders are also there, with the luxuriant jungle bordering the old roads used to bring gold from Minas Gerais to the coast. 

In most places is hard to disguise the limits between nature and plantation.

Angra dos Reis

Angra dos reis by solopes
Visiting Angra dos Reis

As I wrote in its page, we didn´t like Angra dos Reis because we just saw the harbor, before moving to Parati. 

We know that the highlights of Angra are the beaches and mainly islands, that we visited from Parati. That was a great idea – seeing the best of Angra dos Reis from a better base.

I recommend Rancho da Murycana

Good lunch

A different suggestion

Parati 05
Visiting the farm

We saw lots of publicity advertising this place. There were no outstanding restaurants in Parati, just good ones; We wanted to see something around town; So, why not? 

It’s not a cheap restaurant (neither expensive) it is professionally organised to sell the landscape and ambience to tourists, mixed with the meals and handicrafts, but… it’s nice. 

We all enjoyed it, even the kids.

Address: Estrada Paraty-Cunha (entrada Km06) – Ponte Branca

I recommend Pousada do Corsário – Good location


Very close to the historical center of Parati, and with the rooms located in several small buildings spread in a pleasant garden, it provided us a really nice stay.

Sleeping in Parati

Everything is perfectly integrated in nature (inside a town… remember!). Swinging in the nets in our balconies, we could see the marmosets playing in the trees, 2 or 3 meters far from us.

Fortunately, without mosquitoes!

Address: Rua Joao do Prado, 26 – Chacara


Warnings in Parati

Mosquitoes are a common nightmare for those who travel in the tropics. I was rather concerned when, arriving at the hotel, we found a mosquito net over the beds. That announced us that the evenings risked to be indoors, just in case…

Wrong! Maybe because we went in winter, we had no problem at all, even at dusk, and the only natural visits we had were birds and monkeys, sharing with us the luxurious garden of the hotel.

A boat in Angra dos Reis bay is the key to paradise, however, starting from Parati is travelling between paradises. 

What do you want more? It’s easy to get prices and scheduling for boat rides in location.

​Do reserve a full day for it. Or many!



A boat in Angra dos Reis bay is the key to paradise, however, starting from Parati is travelling between paradises. 

What do you want more? It’s easy to get prices and scheduling for boat rides in location.

​Do reserve a full day for it. Or many!

Murycana Farm

Memories of Parati - Murycana Farm

I wrote a tip about this good restaurant, near Parati, but the place is more than a restaurant, prepared to show (and sell) farm products and handicrafts, while you wander around the gardens and cascades.

Very touristy, no doubt, but with simplicity and good taste.

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