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3 Quick visits to Palma de Majorca


The city of Palma de Majorca

Speaking of Majorca we all think immediately – Beaches.

That’s correct, because we find there beaches for all tastes, with all the facilities for the visitors.

However, Mallorca is more than that, what enriches the vacations with the possibility of small trips to different areas and attractions and, no matter where you’re installed, come back to sleep at home.

To start, Palma de Majorca is a beautiful town.

​The historic highlights are concentrated in the Cathedral and Almudaina area, with adjacent old quarters. But all around town you may find some beautiful examples of Spanish architecture.

Belver Castle – ​Skipped

Palma de Majorca
Visiting Palma de Majorca

Dominating the landscape, this castle atop the hill is a failed temptation – Fernanda accuses me of being a castle maniac, and, to prove that I’m not “castle dependent” I missed this one.

I really am sorry – it was built in the 14th century, with a round shape, not so common, in my “collected” castles, and the sights must be… gorgeous. Next time I will try to find a “El Corte Ingles” in the area, and… you know!

Directions: Some three km from the centre of the city of Palma at some 112.60 metres above sea level.

Website: Palma de Mallorca

​Historical Area

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Visiting Palma de Majorca

Originally a Muslim palace, converted to gothic by king Jaime II, this alcazar still keeps signs of both styles. The views are beautiful and the adjacent gardens are well conceived and maintained, featuring a statue from Juan Miro.

It is used by the royal family in summer, but it allows visits in the free days from March to October.

Website: Palacios


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Visiting Palma de Majorca – Cathedral

Started in 1230 and finished in 1601 it’s a Gothic church, with the large size usual in that style, dominating most views in downtown Palma.

Damaged by an earthquake in the 19th century, the reconstruction of the facade introduced mixed styles in some of its elements.

Parc de la Mar

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Visiting Palma de Majorca – Parc de la Mar

One advice: always read before you go.

​I’ve been in Parc de la Mar, found it pleasant, but only later I learned why and how it was made. Maybe I would have a different approach if knowing that:

​“Until the 1960s the sea reached up to the city walls, providing the perfect reflection for the cathedral. When the building of a new road changed all that, an artificial lake was constructed to reproduce the effect. 

The park around the lake is now a popular weekend and summer spot, with several cafes, outdoor concerts, a mural donated by Joan Miro and an art gallery in the vaults of the old city walls. Sit beneath the palm trees gazing up at the cathedral and try to imagine the travellers of days gone by arriving at this same spot from the sea by boat.”

Read in Balearnet 

​Well, now you do know!

Arab Baths

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Visiting Palma de Majorca – Arab Baths

You had a good lunch, it’s “forbidden” to go to water, and you need a cool place to spend digestion time. Well, you may use the shades of the narrow streets in the old town, and visit the Arab Baths.

​They aren’t a stunning monument nor very well recovered, but they are preserved to look as original, and they really do. It’s cheap, open all day, and they have a nice and fresh garden to rest a while.

​Santa Eulalia

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Visiting Palma de Majorca – Santa Eulália

Close to Palau Vivot, the church of Santa Eulalia, in the square with the same name, is one of the oldest and more important of Palma.

Coming from the 12th century it suffered drastic changes, showing today a Neo Gothic facade built in the 19th century.

​It’s a good solution for a short break in the shade.


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Visiting Palma de Majorca – Arenal

One of the most accessible beaches from Palma, this is a very wide and lively beach. If, for you, the night is so important as the day in the beach, then this may be your option – the other is Magalluf.

​However, if you prefer a quiet place, then… maybe you should skip it, and look a little bit further, in the Calas area.

Playa de Palma Nova

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Visiting Palma de Majorca – Palma Nova

Which beach shall I choose? Peaceful and secure? Why not one of the many calas?

We went to Cala d’Or – Very good week, but the young folks wanted animation!

​We moved to Palma Nova – another very good week (for them!), taking advantage of our hotel’s situation half way from Palma Nova and Magalluf


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Visiting Palma de Majorca – – Magalluf

Magalluf is the most agitated and noisy beach of Mallorca, thus appealing to the youngster. We took solomonic decision, staying in the western end of the quieter Palma Nova, in the “border” of both beaches.

That allowed us a relatively calm staying in Palma, and some short visits to the other side, where the young guys of our team went each night. But in daylight, the beach is also quiet and beautiful.

Glass manufacturing

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Visiting Palma de Majorca – Glass factory

I lived all my professional life in glass industry, so, seeing from the car a glass studio, I had to stop.

Close to Palma,  It was a nice visit, showing the difference between a glass factory and a stage performance prepared for tourists.

The furnace was almost pre-historic, with the glass blowers charging it with a few pieces of wood from time to time. 

A rope defined a square around the working area, and while the  workers were doing their job, the tourist in a tighten line walked around, to end in the principal area – the shop. I mean… the shops!

The first and smaller one was selling what seemed to be the local artifacts, the following and bigger one, selling the wide common tourist paraphernalia.

Back home, I tried to identify the studio, to discover that there are several places.

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