Oxford – Good 1st visit


To see Classical Oxford

We only made a quick visit to Oxford, in a day trip coming from London.

​We were impressed by the classical buildings of the university, but had no idea of the real city.

​To visit again.

The Town


We had a quick look of the city, with most of our short time dedicated to the university.

That gave us the idea that the city lives to and around the university.

​Wrong idea? Maybe, but only a less pressed visit will allow to check.

The University


Everywhere, in each street, in each room or yard is possible “to breath” the dense and conservative character of the old England.

​ It’s a heavy sensation, thinking about the role played in the world by the thousands of students “built” in this colleges.

Website: University

​The Library – the most beautiful


Oxford has several libraries, but Bodleian library, for its history and architecture, is the most remarkable (and visited!). Since the 16Th century it is open to the students , inheriting a collection coming from the 13Th century, and rescued from dispersion by Sir Thomas Bodley, whose name was given to the library built from the day after his death.

Address: Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BG

Website: Bodley

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