Osuna – Good stop


To see Game of Throne set in Osuna

Having need to choose a place to stop for a meal, and having read about the interesting quarry work in town for the movie “Game of Thrones”, Osuna was an obvious choice.

The visit to the quarry, where the constructions for the film are carefully preserved, was very interesting, awakening in those who, like me, did not see the film, the desire to do so.







San Arcadio park


Positive impression Nice and long 

We arrived at our regular hour in Portugal (early by Spanish standards), and the waitress announced that, at the moment they only had cold food. We ordered cold starters and hot dishes, without knowing that we had to wait… and wait… and wait…

Vera Tapas

​Despite being the first customers to arrive (the only ones for long) when the hot food arrived the esplanade was already full with locals, with only one person serving all the tables.

​She was very nice and professional, but it was too much work for a single person, so we ended the lunch very late. 

We weren’t very pressed, the food (local) was reasonably tasty and abundant, and the lady kept her sympathy till the end.

Address: Calle de Alfonso XII, 27, Osuna, 41640

Phone: +34 955 82 08 55

​Website: Vera tapas

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