Orlando in 3 great days


The city of Orlando

Visiting Orlando

Of course, our goal wasn’t the city, but being there, with a car, we couldn’t help but take a walk.

Everything is very spacious by our European standards, a lot of luxury and good taste, a beautiful city but perhaps a little cold, for those who are used to the convergence of people outside the shopping centers.

Ripley’s Believe it or not


It was a pity the tight weather did not allow us to enter. Ripley’s Believe it or Not was a surprise, and if I had read it ahead of time I would have surely found the minutes I needed.

We had to go collect all the Disney characters’ autographs, and the kids didn’t complain.


Orlando by solopes
Orlando by Solopes

Magic Kingdom

A world of fantasy, wild imagination, permanent party, no child should grow up without their day.

It was really only one day, but so long…


Epcot Center

If the first day was children dragging the adults, the roles were reversed on the second.

Of course, the “dragged” never protested, rather they took the most advantage of the fun, here more technical, and ended with a fresh downpour, which was also a pretext for laughter.


MGM Studios

And on the last day it was the draw.

The euphoria of the kids for the technical effects in the studio was accompanied by the astonishment of the adults in the laborious reconstruction of some scenes from Indiana Jones.

A beautiful ending to a visit that immediately left us wanting to repeat it.



Masked figures with the most diverse characters from the Disney world circulate throughout the parks.

A nice sight, if it weren’t for the autograph fever, forcing us to wait for the children lined up in the slow queues to collect the autographs, which I don’t know if they reached Portugal.

Hotel0 Hawthorne suites

Hawthorne suites
Hawthorne suites

Finding the hotel was a nightmare. The little information we brought from Portugal was given on Internacional drive, and, after more than 24 hours of traveling, the thirty and many kilometers of that avenue were covered at a pace, looking for a sign that did not appear. It was only on the second pass, helped by two policemen, that we found it in a corner of a crossroads to the aforementioned avenue.

It turned out that the hotel was excellent, and the sacrifice was quickly forgotten. The price was surprising for such quality.

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