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Opatija – 3 hours in doubtful summer


Opatija – The beach

Well, the seaside is nice, with many places to sit by the water, and to dive, but for those used to long sandy beaches as we have in Portugal, this could hardly be called “a beach”.

It was my first contact with this side of the Adriatic coast. With time I understood that this is a common solution, so, I would like to get back to Opatija to compare with the other “beaches” that I could see

At the beach

Easy swimming

Like (almost) everywhere else in Croatia there’s no sand, so the swimming has been made easy by several artificial pools in the sea.

​The surroundings are lively and beautiful, but the rainy weather and late arrival didn’t invite us to the water.

​The Town

003 opatija
003 opatija

There’s a look of cleanliness and preservation in the whole town, that invites you to compare the architectural influences of its most beautiful buildings.

There’s no sign of war, there’s no sign of difficulties, it seems that locals love their town.

Yes, I know, we didn’t leave the centre! But that was the dominant feeling we could have!


Helios and Selena

Close to the bathing area and St Jacov’s church, in a colourful small garden, a central fountain is a wonderful work of sculptor Hans Rathautsky, built in 1889.

I recommend Agava – Recovered palace

002 opatija
Opatija 002

A well recovered and beautiful palace (with lift… a luxury!) provided a good stay, only disturbed by some lack of organization and professional training for the restaurant staff, somewhat (very) inefficient.

Address: M. Tita 89, Opatija, 51410, hr

Phone: +385 51 278 007

Website: Hotel

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